Give your body the nutrients it needs.

Whether you need an immune system boost, a jet-lag recovery or a hangover cure, our Vitamin IV “cocktails” delivers the hydration, vitamins, antioxidants your body craves. Our medical professionals can help you choose the right mixture of vitamins and elements your body needs. Some treatments claim to enhance the immune system, reduce fatigue, relieve migraines, help with seasonal allergies and colds, aid in chronic depression, reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia and help with asthma.



Enjoy all the benefits of our most asked for additives (vitamins & amino acids) without the time commitment of IV fluids.
Treatment completed in under 5 minutes!


Live your best life! Skin, hair, joint, heart, and nail health. This Beauty Bag also has antioxidant benefits.


The exclusive BBQ Hangover helps you recover from the game last night or that last call drink you wish you passed on. The vitamins and minerals added to your IV therapy will have you up and running in no time.
Recommended add ons: Zofran $30 (for nausea) or Toradol $25 (for generalized pain).

FLU BOO $135

Starting to feel tired, achy, and feel like the sniffles are around the corner? Have you been sneezed on lately? Well, Flu Boo is a blend of vitamins and minerals to help with the ongoing fight of keeping healthy. Recommended add on: Extra dose of Vitamin C.

Want an X-tra boost? At Shaman’s Leawood, our medical professionals can help you create your own signature vitamin mix by adding the following Intramuscular injections:

  • Vitamin D3: Supports your immune system, fights depression, increases bone strength, decreases inflammation
  • Vitamin B12: Supports brain function, mood and bone health. Improves hair, nails and skin. Increases metabolism
  • LipoStat-B: Helps release stored fat, burns fat faster, improves weight loss and increase metabolism
  • CoQ10: Improves heart health, decreases frequency of migraines
  • Zinc: Boost immune system, clears up acne, promotes a healthy heart
  • Zofran: Decreases nausea